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About EVANGELISMOS Evangelismos Medical Emergencies Services

Since its inception  in June, 2001, the name of Evangelismos Hospital has become synonymous with excellence for its medical care, treatment and commitment to the residents of Paphos and the surrounding areas.

The expansion of the hospital, the creation of four Medical Centres as well as the inauguration of the 24 hour Emergency Ambulance Service are testimony to this commitment.


It was not only in good faith but also to further improve the Ambulance & Emergency Service that I acquired the majority share in Phoenix Amulance.

When we recently acquired the Phoenix Ambulance Service, our aim was to increase our fleet of ambulances and emergency vehicles as well as adding to our qualified and experienced ambulance nurses, paramedics and the technicians who drive the ambulances.

Following this acquisition, we discovered some deficiencies in the organisation, structure and equipment of the newly formed EVH-Phoenix Medical Emergencies Company and I am very pleased to inform you all, that these deficiencies have now been rectified.

As a result of these disappointing shortcomings, EVH-Phoenix Medical Emergencies Company is now solely under the management of Evangelismos Hospital and its qualified and experienced staff.

You can feel confident that, should you need the services of any of our Medical Centres or the Ambulance service, that you will be treated with the utmost professionalism, commitment and dedication by qualified and experienced personnel.


Offer of 10% discount  in any membership plan registration before 31/12/2018

Dr Nestoras Michael

CEO, Evangelismos Hospital




Rumours and speculation continue to be disseminated on forums and between members. It is important, therefore, that you are fully aware of the facts surrounding Evangelismos taking sole control of the EVH-Phoenix Medical Emergencies Company. 

  • As there is no current Cyprus law governing the organisation and delivery of ambulance services, anyone who offered an Ambulance Service could take advantage of this lack of legislation and could promote ambulance service for all of these years without any specific control from the Ministry of Health.
  • It should be noted that the Ministry examination of an ambulance happens only once to inspect whether it is carrying the proper equipment and is in a fit state to be used as an ambulance further on not any control is happening, if they were not operating under a licensed organisation – i.e. - a Hospital or Medical Centre.
  • These are the main reasons why, when Evangelismos acquired Phoenix, it was necessary to invest a considerable amount of money to upgrade the new ambulances.
  • On the other hand, Evangelismos Hospital’s ambulances are stringently examined every six months by the Ministry of Health because they are part of a Registered and Approved Private Hospital. An English translation of Evangelismos Hospital Licence can be supplied to anyone requesting it.
  • The former Phoenix Ambulance Service manager accepted, on the forums, that one of the reasons for their decision to join Evangelismos Hospital was because a new law is about to be enacted in the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus which would not allow English paramedics to run an uncontrolled ambulance service.
  • Evangelismos has always had paramedics on their emergency team. Mr Chris Laybourne, who is especially well known in Paphos for his expertise, gives advice and training to our crew, drivers and nurses and he is instrumental in the Organization as a member of the Emergency Department.
  • All nurses in the Medical Centre and Emergency department have passed ILS training and they have had refresher training courses. The Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support (ILS) course was launched in 2002. It was developed in response to a demand from healthcare professionals who may have to act as first responders and treat patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of a cardiac arrest team.
  • Under the new laws (EU directions) being passed in the Cyprus Parliament this year, a nurse with an ALS is considered to be sufficiently trained to be on the ambulance. The Resuscitation Council (UK) Advanced Life Support (ALS) course was launched 1993. It is a standardised national course teaching evidence-based resuscitation guidelines and skills to healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom. The ALS course has also been adopted by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). Our target is that the emergency nurses will start upgrading to conform to the new legislation. 
  • The existing training, experience and support of our current emergency doctors and consultants of every specialty covering the Medical Centres and emergency department of EVH are offering higher standard of emergency service than paramedics.
  • Keep in mind that the term “Paramedic” is not recognized by Cyprus authorities, the Ministry of Health in Cyprus.
  • Under the existing law in Cyprus, anybody who has been trained to drive a “Heavy Goods vehicle” can drive an ambulance. There is no Emergency Response Driver Training in Cyprus although it is our plan that all our drivers can be upgraded to the standard of a technician.
  • The presence of fully qualified and registered doctor and the 24/7 organisation of the Medical Centres with an “on call” doctor ensures that any medical emergency can be treated immediately and in the utmost safety offering the best practice for a health service.
  • Evangelismos’ Team has covered, and is covering, all the events of Paphos 2017 with no complaints having been received.
  • The Evangelismos Ambulance and Emergency Service has dealt with many serious health situations and saved several lives. (One proof of the high standard of our services is the offer of 10.000euros to our hospital for saving his life 2years back)
  • As Evangelismos Hospital’s target is to offer professional and responsible safety for the citizens covering the whole district, from Pyrgos to Pissouri we have created:

Medical Centres in the whole district.

  • Polis Medical Centre
  • Kings Medical Centre
  • Peyia Medical Centre
  • Evangelismos Emergency Department
  • Aphrodite Hills Medical Centre
  • Support of the Medical Centres with GP Doctors on 24/7 basis.

EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE  24/7: 8000 8112 (Free Phone) or +357 26 848 112


  • Created a Central Dispatcher office in Evangelismos Emergency Department.
  • Keeping an ambulance crew on a 24/7 in most centres so minimizing the time of reaching you in an emergency.

Our crew and fleet today consists of:

  • 7 General Practitioners.
  • 25 ILS Nurses.
  • 7 Ambulances.
  • 2 Fast Response Cars.
  • On call consultants of each specialty

Under the above, I hope all members of the ex-Phoenix Ambulance Plan as well as our own current members, will appreciate the very valid reasons for the take over and will understand that membership of the new Company will give patients and family members considerable peace of mind in the knowledge that should an accident or emergency occur, immediate professional treatment will be available.

Emphasising that Evangelismos Hospital is under the law of Cyprus and therefore is obliged to follow all strict guidelines that will insure the health and safety of all our patients.


+357 26 222 912 Kings Medical Centre

+357 26 848 110 Evangelismos Hospital

Web: http://www.ambulancecyprus.com

Dr Nestoras Michael

CEO Evangelismos Hospital

13th July, 2017